The American Homefront Project: As Medical Marijuana Becomes More Accepted, Veterans Urge the VA To Prescribe It
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting's American Homefront Project takes a look at the issues raised in "Warriors Rise Up."

  In Sarasota, panelists insist cannabis can reduce addictive opioid use
The program focused on the Herald-Tribune project “Warriors Rise Up,” which found a gaping rift between what many combat veterans want to treat their post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries and what they can legally get.

  Bill would allow VA doctors to prescribe marijuana to veterans
“Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act” would allow VA doctors to prescribe cannabis to veterans in the 31 states that have established medical-marijuana programs – including in Florida.

  Widows rise up, demand medical marijuana for veterans

  Lawmakers, candidates offer mixed views on marijuana for veterans
The Herald-Tribune polled contestants in 27 congressional district races, seeking their views on the use of medical marijuana to treat PTSD, pain and other unseen wounds.

  WUSF: Veterans Push Feds To Recognize Marijuana As A Treatment

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